Project Prism

The player chooses four characters from a set of eight, and names them. The newly-chosen party begins the game in a minor kingdom…

Character Classes

The Warrior

  • Female variant wields two-handed greatswords and battleaxes. She is slow, but hits very hard and shrugs off blows like rain off a duck’s back.
  • Male variant wields rapiers and…something else quick and light which aren’t daggers. He is quick and agile, but relies on precision and footwork to both deal and evade damage.
  • Warrior Techniques deal enhanced physical damage or cause physical debuffs.

The Trickster

  • Tricksters wield daggers and crossbows. Tricksters’ Tricks charm and confuse the foe, as well as engage in misdirection.

XXX: Ability to steal, too? Otherwise a separate Thief class is needed if we want to enable that.

The Mystic

  • Female variant wields clubs.
  • Male variant wields wands.
  • Mystics’ Evocations deal magical damage or cause mental debuffs.

The Druid

  • Druids specialize in hand-to-hand combat. Druids’ Bindings can heal allies, debuff or cause magical damage to foes, or undo debuffs.

The Hunter

  • Hunters wield bows and rifles. Hunters’ Poach abilities primarily target Beast-class foes, but they also have powerful delayed-activation skills.

The Beastmaster

  • Beastmasters specialize in hand-to-hand combat, like Druids. The Beastmaster’s Lore draws on Beast-class foes’ abilities, but they can also tame certain Beast-class foes to gain special skills.

Class Seven

Class Eight