This page documents Chessa’s commands.


All dicebot commands support four special features not available to other commands:

  • .help gives usage information and a description of the command.
  • .<command>-as <nick> processes the command as though nick had used it.
  • .<command>-to <nick> sends the output of the command to you and nick as a private message.
  • .<command> ; <comment> appends the comment to the end of the command’s output.

The following commands are associated:

  • .attrib generates D&D dice-rolled attributes.
  • .silcore rolls dice for Silhouette Core.
  • .exalted rolls dice for Exalted 2e; .exalted <dice> 6 may be used for old World of Darkness.
  • .hellcats rolls dice for Hellcats & Hockeysticks.
  • .fudge rolls dice for Fudge and Fate, and supports the Fate ladder.
  • .lonewolf rolls a die for the Lone Wolf gamebooks and tabletop game.
  • .dryh rolls dice for Don’t Rest Your Head.
  • .dw rolls dice for Dungeon World and variants.
  • .swrpg (and aliases .eote, .aor, and .fad) rolls dice for the Star Wars RPG tabletop game.
  • .roll and .math are more generic; the former allows for multiple formulas to be calculated at once, whereas the latter allows spaces to be used to make formulas more legible.

The .roll and .math commands support the following:

**ExponentsintTruncation1pi4 * atan2(1, 1)
*MultiplicationhexHexadecimal (integer-only)1eexp(1)
/DivisionoctOctal (integer-only)1tau8 * atan2(1, 1)</td
%ModulusbinBinary (integer-only)1piepi * e
dDie rollatan2Two-argument arc-tangents2
^Bitwise XORcosCosine1
&Bitwise ANDexpe to the nth power1
|Bitwise ORlogLogarithm of n1
+AdditionlognLogarithm of n (base x)2
log10Logarithm of n (base 10)10
~1’s complementsinSine1
+Absolute value (unary)asinArcsine1
sqrtSquare root1
c2fConvert Celsius to Fahrenheit1
f2cConvert Fahrenheit to Celsius1
floorRound downward1
ceilRound upward1
minLowest of given arguments
maxHighest of given arguments

Other Commands

  • .choose returns a randomly-chosen entry from a list, delimited by a comma followed by a space.
  • .unicode returns information on the given Unicode sequence. Supports combining characters.
  • .uniname returns information on the given Unicode named sequence.
  • .weather returns current weather for the given city.
  • .forecast returns today’s forecast for the given city. .fore1 and .fore3 give tomorrow’s and the three-day forecast (which includes today’s forecast); note that .fore3 PMs you.
  • .f, .f1, and .f3 provide a human-friendly version of the above.
  • .alerts fetches weather alerts, if any, for the given city.
  • .wset allows you to store your location so you don’t have to provide it every time you use one of the above commands.
  • .wmetric allows you to set a preference for metric units.
  • .time returns the time in the given timezone or for the given user, if the given user has previously set a timezone with .tz.